My movie rating system

If you’re looking at this, you’ve probably come from a web page where I talk about my Wrist Watch system (WW for short). I came up with this system for rating movies because I noticed that most movie critics will tell you if they liked the movie, or why they gave it so many stars. The problem is that this tells you why THEY should go see this movie, not you.
Let’s face it, you already know if the movie that they are reviewing is your type of movie. Not to mention that tastes are subjective. So telling someone that you thought the movie was good, no matter what your reasoning behind it, is not going to help them determine if they’ll like it, themselves.
Also, we’re forgetting the real reason why people go to the movies and that is to lose themselves in the story. You want to stop thinking about your own life for a little while and be transported into someplace where you can be whoever you want. Thus I came up with the WW rating system.
It’s very simple. It works on an infinite scale that marks the number of times that I look at my watch (or think of looking at it) during the course of the movie. The less times the better. This shows how engrossing the movie is and how it holds my attention. If I have the opportunity to think about something else, about being somewhere else or doing something else, then the movie has failed in what it has set out to do.
This becomes a far less subjective way of looking at how good a film is. No matter what you think of the genre, you can get a good idea of how well the movie has held my attention and you can get a pretty good idea of if the movie will also hold your attention. Like it or hate it, if it holds your attention, it’s done its job.

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