Anime Music Videos

Anime Music Videos or AMVs for short.

The first AMV that I made was a simple cut together of scenes from the Superman Animated Series set to Five For Fighting’s song “Superman.” It was basically a way to learn the basics of importing video into Premier, edit it, and save it as a viewable file.

My second video was more of an attempt at story telling. It used the video from the anime Perfect Blue along with the Pink song “Split Personality.” I also worked at lipsyncing by cutting and copying pieces of scenes so that it would appear that the photos on the wall were the ones singing the song.

Next was an entry into a contest on Kaneva. We were given the anime and needed to come up with a commercial for the product. I chose the Record of Lodoss War DVD collection. It was a vote driven contest and I came in second. The winner beat me out by just under 5 votes.

I also worked on the judging committee for AnimeFest. I made this video so that we could show it before the awards ceremony. It uses the video from the anime The Cat Returns along with the song “Stray Cat Strut” by the Stray Cats. The person in charge of the contest (Mike Williams) presented it as proof that the judges were not unaccustomed to creating AMVs.